God of the Word Bible Study

Promised Land 2

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STUDY OF 1 samuel 13 - malachi

Fifteen lessons cover a large portion of the Old Testament in which the Israelites repeatedly ignored the prophets’ warnings and as a result, went from the height of prosperity into exile. Eventually, a small remnant returned to rebuild Jerusalem and await the promised Messiah.

This part of the Biblical narrative can be described as covering:

  • United Kingdom
  • Divided Kingdom
  • Exile
  • Resettlement

Special resources within this study:

  • Story of the Bible visual
  • Study structure and instructions
  • Chart of Josiah’s Sons
  • Chronology of the Persian Empire
  • Eschatological Viewpoints
  • Exilic and Postexilic Chronology
  • History of Ancient Israel and Palestine
  • Kings of Israel
  • Optional King’s Project
  • Fifteen lesson videos
  • Leader’s manual (Leader’s version)
  • Lesson answers (Leader’s version)